CELSIUS® is a fitness drink that accelerates metabolism, burns body fat, and provides healthy energy. The product is loaded with vitamins and good-for-you ingredients, such as Green Tea with EGCG, Guarana, Ginger, Calcium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C; all of which work together to raise metabolism.

Invest in yourself, drink           


CELSIUS is a Fitness Drink which has been clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories & body fat while providing healthy energy. 


CELSIUS’ first line extension is both naturally sweetened and naturally caffeinated. 


CELSIUS HEAT is a great-tasting carbonated pre-workout that contains 2,000 mg of L-citrulline and 300mg of caffeine. 


CELSIUS is  available in  a  powder  stick as  a  grab &  go  option  for healthy energy anytime, anywhere.


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