Mass Gainer (10Lbs)

Whether you are a mass monster or an athlete looking to add a few extra pounds before pre-season, this is the mass gainer for you! Our unique blend of 4 protein sources allows for both sustained and immediate release. For an extra advantage, we have added our unique Insu-Mass technology, BCAATTACK, and GlutaMEAN Growth to help enhance recovery of damaged muscle fibres, replenish muscular glycogen levels, build and maintain valuable muscle gains and help stack on pounds of lean muscle mass. Also, Go Beyond Mass Gainer can be used as an alternative to popular recovery formulas available on the market today. Simply take half of the recommended dose after high-intensity cardio sessions (max interval cardio, CrossFit training or plyometrics), it will give your body what it needs to recover, taking you beyond mass gainers.

Key Benefits

  • Blend of 4 protein sources for sustained and immediate release

  •  Post-workout insulin manipulation

  •  Unsurpassed volume and recovery

Recommended Use

ntended for use as a dietary supplement. If you train in the evening: Take 2 scoops (a half serving) in the morning, 2 scoops mid-afternoon and 4 scoops (full serving) immediately after training. You can adjust servings depending on your individual protein needs. Mix BEYOND MASS GAINER with 6 oz of cold water per scoop. Simply blend with a shaker bottle.


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